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Only first letter when navigating directory

I use a SNOM 870 with firmware

To call a number from the local directory the manual states this in point 2:

Use navigation arrows to scroll through list. Alternative: Enter first letter of
name and type more letters if name shown isn't the right one.

If I want to type more then just the first letter, the first letter gets erased. I can only enter one single letter.


this is how the addressbook search works at the moment.

If you have many entries I suggest you to use an LDAP addresbook, in this case you can do a search with more letters..

 This is a bug. See ticket

what's the status of this issue ??

1 year later issue is still there ?

Snom announced EOL for the 870 1st quarter 2014. It seems likely that if this bug was not fixed by now it probably will not be fixed.

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