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Snom 720 Call Parking


I would like to know if there a setting to not show "Parking call!" on the phone display when you put an incoming call into a parking slot. At the moment we have to wait more than 5 seconds to do a Page because the phone is locked for the entire duration it displays "Parking call!".


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we created an internal issue (internal ref. ID: #SCPP-6540).

At the moment we don't have an ETA for that.



we created an internal issue (internal ref. ID: #SCPP-6540).

At the moment we don't have an ETA for that.

Hello Sudheer,

we are glad to provide you an update on this topic.


We believe to have indirectly addressed this topic, reported symptom Tue, 24 Nov, 2015 (with known workaround: press Cancel, and yes its not forgotten, just had to be post-poned):


In general "phone UI blocking messages", like "Parking Call.." by a recent redesign (optional to activate, in given FW already activated) are now handled differently:


We redesigned "Phone-Blocking-Messages" to status messages in notification bar combined with configurable display duration timers

Please see the default setting example excerpt from the linked build As with all status messages (no matter duration timer or not) the Blocking Effect is gone, no add. Cancel press required, with close to zero compromise to info / functionality ( *fingers-crossed* ) !


status_msgs_that_show_directly=StatusLineSystemMessage:3 CallBackOnBusyInProgress CallBackOnBusyAvailable PhoneProvisioningStarting PhoneProvisioningInProgress PhoneHasIncomingPublicAnnouncement PhoneIsLocked EthernetUnplugged PhoneHasFirmwareUpdate FirmwareUpdateFailed PhoneWantsToUpdate VisionConnectionLost PhoneWantsReboot PhoneHasDisabledSipStack PhoneHasVpnError PhoneHasLowMemory PhoneRefusedHugeXcapSync CurrentIdentityIsNotRegistered PhoneIsWaitingForCallCompletion CurrentIdentityForewardsAlways CurrentIdentityIsDnd CurrentIdentityForewardsWhenBusy CurrentIdentityForewardsAfterTimeout PhoneWaitsOnNtpServer PhoneCannotReachNtpServer ActiveLocations PhoneHasNoHttpPassword PhoneHasNoAdminPassword ServerMessageToBeShownDirectly CurrentIdentityHasVoiceMessages CanceledCall:5 PhoneHasMissedCalls CurrentIdentityHasTextMessages UxmConnected:5 WlanActive:5 HidConnecting:10 HidConnected:5 TryParking:5 ExpDeviceCabelingBroken ExpDeviceLimitExceeded


Please find the links to the verification version for a reproduction below.


This version is not a Release-Version! Even it has successfully past > 570 automated test-cases, plus manual basic-testing, without any "major-issues" or "blockers, its not a Snom officially supported Release. (Please note: an 8.9.3.x Release is anticipated for publication in February 2017. Publication of an Release Candidate 1 is expected in Dec., so this month - version below is already pretty close.)











D715 / 715

D710 / 710





We are looking forward to your feedback regarding the reproduction results! 


Thank you very much especially for your patience, cooperation and greetings from Berlin,

Jan Boguslawski

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