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How do you save the speed dials on the telephone


We have several offices setup with the SNOM 760 telephones.  During the move from Avaya phones to the SNOM phones we have trained our the users how to save Lync contact information on the speed dials/programmable keys using the telephone.  Unfortunately, our company move people around very often and the problem we are encountering is when the user are moving their telephones.  When they disconnect the telephones to move the telephone to their new office or cubicle, all their contacts are lost.  We trained all of the end users how they can save their contacts by going directly to their website but the reality is that most of the people find the process difficult.  They want to be able to save the contact information using the telephone right after they enter a new contact to their list of P-keys. 

My question is:  Can they save their speed dials contact information using the telephone instead of going to the website?

Can you let me know.  


Santiago Bonilla 

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have you considered hotdesk features - though which would be handled on the PBX level?!

this way the user has its profile saved in the PBX and thus gets provisioned when they login to the new phone.  

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