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SNOM 870 - web interface - No access to Advanced section


i use the snom 870.

Yesterday a lot of times i was inside the web interface with no problems.

Today i try to go in the web interface and almost all sections are visitable except the Advanced section. i get a message to write a Administration Password, but i haven’t set one (see this link ).

After rebooting the phone i see that a message appear on the phone “No ntpserver are set”. But i am sure that i have set ntpserver. I can’t remember who (and i can’t show it, because it is in the Advanced section) ntpserver exactly.

Hope for help.

Version: (and i don’t want to upgrade)

Best Answer


have you tried the default password 0000



you can try NTP server provided by for example. But please make sure NTP (Port 123/UDP) is not blocked, so your phone can communicate with public NTP servers.

Another public NTP option:

provided by German National Metrology Institute and synced with their atomic clock.

Thanks and greetings from Berlin,

No so far...

Yes it Works... thanx a lot!!!

and it is strange because i see that i have a ntp server ... its the 

should i set a other?



have you tried the default password 0000


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