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Clips to hold Snom D7 expansion modules together

I have multiple Snom Dy expansion modules in both black and gray. In the latest black D7s we purchased there is a little clip that you slide over the stand to secure the D7 to the phone and to secure multiple D7 together.

I have D7 of several revision levels

D7 black V1.4 - has the clip

D7 black V1.2 - no clip

D7 gray V1.2 - no clip

It seems like this clip was an after thought since it was not included with the older versions of the D7. Is it possible to get the clips for the version of the D7 that did not include them? Are they available in both black and gray?



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Hi Alan,

you are welcome! Please note the clips are available in black and grey. Feel free to choose a sales contact close to you / your location to request additional information about its availabilty, product-number etc...

Thank you for your comprehension and greetings from Berlin,
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