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SNOM 300 has died!

 I recently bought a second hand SNOM 300 for a project I was working on (with a view to using Action URLs). The phone was working fine although I was unable to get URLs to work.

On reading through many threads and documents I found that the firmware was out of date and it needed an upgrade. Following the instructions I manually uploaded the latest version from the site.

All seemed to go well, it uploaded and said it was successful and was restarting. After about 5mins of this the phone went off, restarted and proceeded to have no display and all of the lights are constantly orange.

Nothing works, I cant reset it, cant log into it via the PC and am unable to do anything at all.


Hello Peter,

have you already tried to perform Network Recovery?

You can find the instructions here:  

Best regards,

Hi Pietro,

thanks for getting back to me.

Im unable to do that as the phone has no display, as soon as powers up it goes blank, the lights come on and no amount of key pressing does anything.




Dear All


I faced a major problem in Snom 300 IPPHONES. I bought 80 units Snom 300 from Cytco Company( your partner in Iran) and their hang up switch don’t work properly. The Cytco support team tried to solve this issue and it was solved for a while but after that these IPPHONES faced the mentioned problem again. I want to use these devices in big hospital. Could you please help us to solve this issue?

Peter - the all lights on can sometimes indicate a power issue - check your PSU. Also, sometimes users plug in adapters with the wrong voltage which causes the voltage regulator on the phone to become damaged.

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