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Support for Office 365

Would Snom phones support Office 365/Skype for business soon?

Hello Stein,

you are welcome! Please do not expect "Office 365/Skype for business Online" to be supported in our Snom UC Edition Firmware soon!

In general we recommend to clarify first how well O365 can satisfy your / your teams requirements (no RGS, no Call Park, and others & no number porting as far as we know).

Just one example from Microsoft TechNet:

Please refer to footnotes 1, 2, 3 .

Thanks for your comprehension and greeting from Berlin,


What is the status of this feature?

I was expecting that the SNOM UC edition firmware was the same as O365/SfB, but apparently this isn't?! What are the differences?

Same question here. When do you expect to add SfB Online functionality?

Dear Stefan, 

at this moment we don't have this in our roadmap.

Best regards