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Snom m9r and 3CX

I have 3 m9r phones connected to a 3CX system, and have been having issues where I've had to do factory resets every on occasion (twice in the last 3 weeks, but averaging once everyone 1.5 months) because the phones suddenly unregister. One of the times, I was the able to reenter the extension authentication information rather than have to go through the whole process of factory resetting the phone and base station. The base stations have firmware version 9.6.2-a

Sometimes once I get one phone working properly, I have to turn around and repeat the process with another within a day. 2 of the phones are on the lower level, and the other 1 is on the upper level of the building.

This problem is only with the m9r phones. We also have 870 phones that have worked quite well.

Why is it that the m9r phones keep doing this? The 3CX system has been working without issue and is not blocking the phones, so the system is not the issue. No abnormal activity across the network. Phones when configured with same settings as they initially had will work normally again.

Dear Preston,

Can you please give a try updating the base and the handset too to the last version (9.6.12) ?



I did update the phones and bases to the latest version, and have not seen any issues so far. However, this is something that occurs everything so often, so it may be 2-3 months before the next occurrence.


Hello Preston,

Maybe configuring a syslog on the phone can help to track what is happening on the phone.

In case the issue re-appear I would ask you to open a ticket attaching the log.

Thanks in advance.


ich kann das Mob. Teil nicht mit der Basisstation verbinden. Dei Basis hat aber Kontakt mit dem Server und ist erreichbar.

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