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Importing Device Certificate on DECT M300

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to find a manual on importing certificates into Snom M300 DECT base station but could not find anything except for other SNOM firmware.

I was able to Import our CA but not Device Cert (screenshot below)

When I try to upload our self-signed cert in PEM or DER formats, this error pops up (screenshot)

I have tried to import Client Cert by selecting multiple DER encoded files (i.e. cert, public key, private key)(see screenshot)

(I've made a little error on that screenshot where cert has .crt extension, but i have fixed it in my next try, which still resulted in error)

Also we tried importing single PEM encoded cert, which has CERT and KEY combined in a single file (see screenshot)

All did not work.

Does anyone know In what format are we expected to import device certificate?

Just an observation, in case it helps: By looking at the Source of the page I can see that JavaScript expects *.cer files (screenshot)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


did you check the syslog of the base station what it said? Maybe there are some information inside. First increase the log level and then try again.

Regards Martin


Hello Martin,

Here i s the screenshot of a log

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