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Hold, then direct transfer

Hi guys

I'm installing a new phone network for a company and would like to ask for some advice on the Hold and Transfer functions.

Here's the situation:

- A. calls me and wants to speak with B. in the office.

- I put that call on hold and call B. on the internal number to find out if he's present.

- He is ready to receive A.'s call, so I end the internal call and get back to A. by pressing "Retrieve".

- I tell A. that I'm going to connect him to B. and press "Transfer", dial B.'s internal number and confirm with "Transfer". This ends the call and connects A. with B.

This scenario works fine but I would like to skip the step of getting back to A. and then transfer him by dialing B's number again.. Is it possible to contact B. and then directly transfer A. to him? There is an option "Transfer" on my display while talking to B but whenever I do that, the connection works only one way and A. can't hear B.

Am I doing something wrong? Any hints on how to solve this problem? Thanks a lot!

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Forgot to mention: We use the Snom M65 and the Snom M700 Base Station.

Is there a way to edit posts? Sorry for the possibly stupid question...

Hello Oliver,

thanks for writing in our forum!

lets do an example:

B = your M65

  1. A calls B
  2. B answers
  3. B press "hold"
  4. B dials C
  5. B announce the transfer to C
  6. B press the "transfer" key
  7. A now is connected with C

Is this scenario not working in your case ?

Hi Pietro

Unfortunately not. I just tested it again, same results as the last few times I tried. Everything works up to the last point but, the connection shows on both monitors. However, even though C can hear A clearly, A can not hear C.
Is that a known problem?

Hello Oliver,

what PBX are you using ?

Hi Pietro
Our VoIP partner, peoplefone AG, told me that they have an internal solution for PBX.
Unfortunately I don't know much about this topic. If you need further information, please let me know and I'll see if I can find out!
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